Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I stumbled upon...

At last, a few empty minutes free, I decided to surf the web.  Before, when I wanted to find something beautiful, exciting, or new, I would enter a word or two into google and see where it would take me  and go from there.

Recently, I discovered a program called "Stumble Upon".  Basically, it's the lazy man/woman's version of surfing.  Each person who has an account on Stumble Upon, marks a page or site that they found worth sharing with anyone else.  Once the button is clicked, you are taken to a new site , where, if you like what you see, you vote "thumbs up" for the page.  If you feel it might have been a waste of your time, you vote, "thumbs down".  Finally, if you happen to just stumble upon something you think might interest someone else, you mark it and it becomes part of the ring that others see.
Интересные дизайнерские решения (32 фото)
Let me take you on a virtual tour of my finds tonight.  I came across this amazing site right away.  The pictures are surreal.  If you don't believe me, click on the chair and see what else this surprising photographer has done.

My next site Exercise & Muscle Directory   
explains the musculature of the body and allows you to create a complete exercise program for yourself based on the parts of the body that needs work.

Before I got to this site, I had no idea that Toilet's could be so interesting.  Clicking on this site will absolutely tickle your fancy, as it did mine....   Toilets From Around The World

Cliche Finder

Is a place to find a cliche to fit almost any situation.  Just enter a key word and it displays dozens of sayings to make you look very knowledgeable. 

Swap a Skill

Is a place to swap something you have for something someone else needs and visa verse.  I have always wanted to swap my knowledge.  The site brags,  
* Jimmy Choo shoes for Legal advice
"I got some fantastic legal advice in return for some nearly new Jimmy Choo shoes - we were both thrilled!"

Lost In The 50's 

Need something to bring back those old memories?  Nothing does it better than music.  Maybe you won't recognize the songs, but your folks certainly will.

I Do Dog Tricks

Can't get your own pet to do tricks, try this virtual pet.  he is well trained and maybe your pet will learn something new....  Unfortunately, none of our 5 cats learned a thing from this little critter.

Font Capture 

Every wonder what your handwriting would look like as a font ( don't write it, type it)?  This site will create a TTF font of your very own handwriting.
Carol Yager in 1994, near her peak weight of 1600 lbs  
Curiosity for the bizarre and unique captured me here at  The world's heaviest people.  I didn't know Carol Yager,  yet I lived down the street from her for years in Flint.

Finally, I fell in love with the photography of Miles  Aldridge (who knew?)  I found something haunting and exciting in his subjects.... 

I literally stumbled upon some wonderful finds this time, just grateful someone was ahead of me to lead the way.

Why not try it yourself?  Let me know what you find.

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