Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Sickness Again?

If you get the image from the picture, then you can imagine how"sick"  I feel today. 

It started creepin' up on me about Monday.  Headache all day, kept me from shinning as brightly as I usually do. Sleep didn't help much, just woke up aware the headache was still there.

Tuesday, the throat felt scratchy.

Wednesday, denied I was sick and attempted to meet my public.  Wrong move.

Thursday, fever is high, bones ache, and I am blowin' my nose between sniffles and loud sneezes. According to my wastebasket, I am now on my third box of tissue.

It's not really that bad except a cold has a way of lingering on and on and on and on... The Holidays are just around the corner, the worst time of year to feel this way.

I have always carried something called Emergen C with me at all times.  Buying it in bulk, I dispense it to whomever is sniffling in my general proximity.  (My precautionary measure to fight catching anything myself)  I guess it didn't work this time, cause here I am with the sniffles myself.  Rest assured though, because I am drinking this stuff 2 X a day,  I feel quite secure that my affliction will not attach itself to me as long as it might otherwise have without my "medicine".  I will also make sure that anyone who comes within a foot of me drinks a fairly stout dose as well.

It comes in all kinds of flavors as well as sugar free (if you happen to be diabetic).  My prefered flavor is Pink Lemonade.  The gist of it is that you consume a fairly large quantity of vitamins (especially C).  It comes in small packets that contain a powder which when dissolved in water, fizz up (that being the fun part).  I have seen it sold in quantity and individually.  If you follow the link above, you can get a free sample packet to try yourself. Merry Christmas!

Think I'll take another little nap now..... 

BTW, if you have a remedy or secret of your own, please leave me the exact instructions as I hate feeling this sick so close to the holidays.....

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