Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Dearest  Dad,

As a small child you carried me on your back when I was in need of a horsey, you kissed my cheek when I had an ouchie and made it feel better and you let me sit in the basket of your bike when you went off to visit a friend.

 As I grew up, you always made sure my car had an oil change, you filled the tank for me, you laughed at my silly jokes and you hugged me when I felt unsure of myself.

You were the one who drove me to the hospital, brought my child home from the hospital,  babysat when I was in need and who loved my baby as much, if not more than you loved me.

You provided for me when I needed, you preened when I was a success and you consoled me when I was second.  The love and devotion you showed me, growing up, gave me the strength and fortitude to tackle any adversity set in my way.

I was a daddy's girl, from the day I came into this world until the Lord found it time to take you away from me.  I miss you very much but I also know that you are here, somewhere close by, still watching over me and certainly you hear my words, if not from my mouth, then from my heart!

Happy Father's Day!  Love you daddy!