Friday, December 18, 2009

Make Mine Vodka & Coke. No, Make it 2!!!

Maintaining a full time job, 2 part time stores (scattered out on 5 sites), and this Blog is quickly becoming overwhelming.  Add a dash of the season for gift giving and it soon becomes surreal.   

This is my schedule:

  • Up at 5:30am, checking sales from the past night, check inventory, package sold items and set aside for mailing.
  • At work by 7:30am until 4:30 pm.
  • After work, quick trip home to check if there is a second mailing and then off to the post office (long lines... It's the holiday season after all).
  • Home by 5:30pm (if I didn't have to make a stop at the grocery or any other errand).
  • 6:00 pm at the computer, updating, cropping pictures, posting and renewing.
  • 9:00pm quick prep of dinner sometimes not getting to eat until 10-10:30 pm.
  • 12 am packing items that have sold through the day for morning post. (twittering with friends as I wait for the last item to be assembled by my local artisan).
  • 1:30am Online shopping for more inventory for the next  day, days and week.
  • 2:15 am in bed... Finally, can hardly keep my eyes open by this time.
  • 5:30 am... The alarm goes off and the race is on Again!

I arrive home from work everyday to greet the all consuming coal of heat that is my daughter.  She has spent the whole day creating deliciously inviting pieces of jewelry and photographing her delights.  She is like a great furnace, afire with bubbling flames of anticipation.  We admire her day's work together,  critique, and inspect.  
When every item has passed our scrutiny, it is lovingly packaged away in anticipation of it's new owner and home.

The coffee pot is constantly perking, while we beg for 28 hour days and 12 hour nights.  Not sure if a 40 hour day would be enough but it would help.  Actually, anything would be of help about now.

The reward for this crazy merry-go-round.... the wonderful feedback we receive from our spectacular customers.  

Bless them, every one!

Just about ready for that drink now....


  1. Hey Lady,

    I think a lot of Etsians can commiserate with you on this one. The ones that sell, that is. I don't really know what I'd do if my store took off like your and Glitz's at this point, I'm pulling my hairs out as it is trying to doggy paddle through life.

    May we all be so fortunate as to be so successful as you two though! Problems aside, it has its rewards knowing that people love the art you make!


  2. so long as your buying the drinks..Make mine a rum & coke. I am tired after reading that. i don't know whether to congratulate you or just thank the Dear Lord for giving it to you instead of me.