Saturday, March 13, 2010

Angry Beads?

As I was packaging up orders last night, (something I do when the rest of the world is sleeping), it struck me as pretty amazing that one package was being shipped off to Russia, another to Saudi Arabia and a third to Israel.  

Our logo has been sighted in Post Offices all across the world, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark Norway, Malta, Indonesia, Australia, Italy, France, England, Finland, Ireland and Germany.

Every package is unique, fossil to the Middle East, glass crystal to Russia, and pyrite to Indonesia.  Turquoise to New Mexico and Arizona while Maine and Connecticut prefer pearls.  Colors differ as well from one part of our own country to the other end of the ocean.

I can't possibly tell you who ordered what but I can say that I have yet to duplicate anything twice fulfilling the slips of request that surround me in the deep of the night.

As I carefully count out each bead and bauble, I imagine what will become of them.  I can see a lovely necklace in one lot of goodies and in another pretty earrings.  Could one bead find itself adorning a pretty new bride somewhere out in the world and another caressing the neck of a much loved grandmother perhaps?

Beads know no anger, they sit nestled politely next to each other in an orderly fashion strung together by a wire or a piece of thread.  They jump happily into their new envelope readying themselves for the journey they are about to embark on to all parts of the world.  Brothers once, they might just find themselves wrapped around an enemy's arm next month in a foreign country far from their safe home here.

Some will stand the test of time.  They will be cherished and layed to rest each night on a bureau or in a small treasure box.  Some will come loose and roll around in the bigger angry world to be trounced upon or even lost in a long forgotten corner of the world.  Others will be a prize from a beloved, only to be tossed away when the love wears thin.  

None will complain however as I trained them right.  I taught them to be respectful and sparkle with delight when they are brought out.  Each bead is given a lesson in comportment and carefully schooled to be on their best behavior while being displayed.  They have no feelings, no preconceived notions or even a bone in their tiny little bodies to get upset, (well maybe the fossil has a bone or two somewhere) they just like everyone and hope they will be adored in return.  How simple and orderly their world is... We could all take lessons from them on making the world a prettier place to live in.