Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Cupboard is Empty, My Cupboard is Full

With Christmas well out of the way and the New Year just around the corner, it's time to look towards 2010.  I remember, as a little girl, playing in the front yard with my brother and the game we played was, "Where will I be ?"

We picked a number of a year in the future, did some calculations about how old we would be then and  made predictions of where we would be and what we would be doing at that time in our lives.  The trick was that we predicted for each other.  I remember a few of them with fond memories and some, I can't recall at all.

2010, is one I recall with crystal clarity.  I would be 59 years old. "Yuch!", an old woman, but his prediction for me was that I would be a grandmother of 6, surrounded by my family, children and husband.  2010 would be the year that I did something famous, my year to shine in the sun.

My sweet brother passed away at 27.  So every year, on New Year's, I pour myself a glass of wine (or a stiff drink as I get older) sit out on my back porch close to a vibrant fire lit Chimera and have a little chat with him.  I toast all the predictions I made for him that never came true, then I toast the predictions that did come true and finally, I pick another number far into the future and make a new prediction....

My prediction:

2011 - I'll be sitting here on my back porch, drink in hand, toasting yet another New Year!

Heck, why not celebrate New Years right now, after all it's probably midnight somewhere in the world isn't it?


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  1. What sorrow to have lost your brother at such an early age! I'm sure you miss him as you toast to predictions of years gone by. I remember guessing games about the future from my childhood!

    In 1st grade when I was 7 years old I calculated how old my parents would be when I was 20. 20 was the age I always wanted to be when I was little, don't ask me why! I found they would be 40 years old, and ran to tell them how OLD they would be...and fell into mom's lap crying my eyes out! Oh how depressed I was to think my parents would be OLD.

    Now, of course, that's just a funny family story. Funny how life never turns out how you expect when you're making predictions as a child!