Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a world

Woke up early this morning to update a few sites, facebook, artfire, twitter, digg, ebay, etsy, etc.  The list goes on.  It struck me as ironic that even before I had finished my updates on 1 site, through the magic of computers, another site was already announcing to the world just exactly what I was doing.

They, we, & I are all interconnected in some magical way.  The paradox to all of this is that I am promoting a venerated art form using quite modern technology.

Everything I need is at my finger tips, thesaurus, typing apparatus, picture gallery, and my thoughts.  I can buzz across the world in a matter of seconds.  Some little tidbit of knowledge that just might be lurking in the shadows is but a mouse click away.   In the grander scheme of things, we might not really matter but for a moment we are propelled into the limelight for all to see and know.

Yesterday, I facebooked with an old friend over 3000 miles away and 35 years ago in my memory.  An ex-brother-in-law.  someone who probably mattered to me very much back then.  A person, forgotten with time.  Today, I see him as he is now, much older ( so I am reminded that I am older too!).  Unimaginable technology back then that we would be able to sit simotaniously 6 time zones apart and share the gaps of what has happened in the between time.

To the young, who take this technology as a given, I envy you in some ways but unfortunately you will never know the anticipation of waiting for a letter, or thoughts and memories that stay rigid in their own time because bubbles aren't burst so easily when connections take months, even years. or never.

The world we live in is amazing, the speed of communication mind blowing which leads me to a photo I saw last night while "surfing" the web;

Any thoughts?


  1. You are so right. Had a discussion with my son awhile back, he informed me that largest group of internet is in the senior group. I was not surprised as our children grew up with it. Myself I was around before television. I am constantly amazed by the world to day.

    and just how did you get that picture of me anyway?

  2. That's you?... "LOL" I could have sworn it was me.

  3. I love your blog! I couldn't help but quite literally LAUGH OUT LOUD when you mentioned that your ex son-in-law "someone who probably mattered to me very much back then." Probably! Cute!

    If the bathroom looked a little better, that could be me. I would never go to a public restroom and put my lappie on the floor--well, I nevah! (Yes, I totally have done a laptop in the crapper!)


    P. S. I am waiting on a letter, I just don't get any that don't begin with "Dear Ma'am, You owe me money..."