Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grandma's Treasures and every little girl's dream.

Ceebee-Glitz Glitter Creations. 

Every since she was a little girl pretty sparkly things intrigued her. I would watch with a mother's eye how she would sit for hours, legs curled up under her, threading tiny seed beads on string. I still have many of the sweet little "friendship bracelets" she gave me from years gone by.

Ceebee never wore jewelry herself.  She preferred the clean and simple looks that are classics even today.  It was grandma who was the jewelry hound.  She had baskets of costume jewelry and decorated herself regularly, not with one necklace, but 6 or 7.  If she had been born with 20 fingers, she would have not have had enough for her thirst for the "bling".  Ceebee made it her goal in life to instruct her grandma on the ins and outs of proper bauble couture.

As her mom, I definitely inherited the jewelry bug.  I also inherited all of grandma's jems.  As outdated and massive the selection was, it was quickly obvious that there was little hope for their revival, but Ceebee set out to tackle the task.

 Grandma in her "pretties", where just one necklace was never enough.

What she created was amazing.  The box of costume sparkles became a treasure  chest of goodies.  Thus was born her passion for glitz.  

Today, Ceebee maintains a small shop in the back of the house.  She is very particular about each and every gem she caresses.  They are her special little friends and they speak to her alone.  The same patience and love of intricate detail she began as a small child, now in full bloom.

She spends hours with her delicate little friends, mixing and matching them, introducing them to each other and complimenting them on their color and clarity.   

It is this eye for the flair, one sees, when they look at her finished works.  

Ceebee still wears minimal jewelry herself but takes the greatest pride in seeing her buddies shipped off and hopefully lovingly gracing someone else.  Each piece is sent with a hug and a wish that the wearer will feel prettier and happier having them.
  • That’s why we say “lovingly handcrafted by Ceebee”.

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  1. cute to know that little Ceebee was into the jewels! There's no reformin' Grandma's dontcha know?

    I'm into both classic styles, small and understated, but there are days that the biggest sparkle I can find in my jewelry box is what I'm after! Those are the days my mom calls me "tacky" but I'm happy on my wild jewelry days, and quite content on my sedate, classic statement days as well!