Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our first blog ever.  Not even sure what a blog is or how to start.

Maybe we need to introduce ourselves first.

Glitz Glitter Creations is a family collaboration.

There is Celia! (She is the "Artist").
It is her imagination that creates the stunning baubles you see when you enter any of our shops.  This wonderfully talented young lady is also the photographer.  After all, she handmade each item and knows the inner depths of beauty hidden within.  Only she can coax them into shinning for the camera.

Next is Malia! (That's me)
We laughingly call my job "The grunt work".  I maintain the sites, do the mailings and keep Ceebee well supplied with coffee at all times.  Sometimes I get to even add an idea or two while she is in creation mode.

Here I am again, maintaining yet another site.

Glitz Glitter Creations is our love.  We both maintain full time jobs as well.

In addition to the family are our pets:

Top left:  The "Girls" The Empress Padparadscha (Paddy) & Princess Akoya Pearl (Princess) who, BTW is very active in helping Ceebee with her creations.

Top middle:  Romeo,   who loves Ceebee and I do mean LOVE!  This cat cannot breath if Ceebee is out of sight.  He waits outside her workshop door for her to finish and talks to her as she works.

Top right:  Bubba  who is Ceebee's righthand fella when she is taking pictures.  Bubba has been around the longest, poor guy, so many cats to contend with.

Bottom left:  Willow Our newest addition to the family.  We are not sure what her role will be yet as she is too frightened of everyone else now to make her mark.

Bottom right: Yoda (Schmutchkie)  When we first opened, we were so in love with our new kitten that we made him our Avitar.  Unfortunately he was recently separated from him manly parts and has become sullen and grumpy.  Could it be he is unhappy with the newest addition to the family?  LOL

So now you know who we all are.  More to come.......

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about you two beautiful babes