Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks Day to you and you and you........

I made a last minute stop at my local Wal Mart today.  Just a few extra things I needed, before my big cooking day tomorrow to round off the menu.

The store was packed.  Everyone was pushing heavily loaded baskets, filled with a plethora of foods from turkeys to pizzas.  As I tried to maneuver the aisle to get another package of coffee, I found myself stalled behind 3 more wheeled baskets.  Annoyed, I started to push my way out but stopped and decided to take advantage of the chaos.

I surveyed the folks around me, families with children merrily running up and down the aisles, discovering yet another goody to add to their treasure baskets, an elderly couple almost afraid to budge lest someone jolt them and cause them to slip or fall and a young single girl pushing a fairly empty basket, yet filled with a pretty little spray of flowers (no doubt a gift for her hostess for the holiday table).  Everyone of them engrossed in their own thought and dreams of the perfect holiday gathering.

It struck me, that as bad as the economy is portrayed by the news, we are still shopping, filling our baskets and anticipating well filled bellies tomorrow.  We are buying groceries as if we have never been shopping before or food has been scarce somehow.  We are preparing to share our bounty with the ones we love most and in some cases, with the ones, our loved ones love as well.

 Americans are an amazingly resilient bunch of folks, dang the economy, puie to the negative sayers, and hang the gloom,  it's our holiday, as unique to this country as pumpkin pie is.

We call it Thanksgiving Day but it seems more appropriate to me, this year, to call it
Giving Thanks Day.
From Glitz Glitter Creations, we say,

Any thoughts?


  1. I wish any shopping cart I ever got looked 1/4 as nice as the one in your post. And "dang...puie...hang" those floppy wheels that spin in circles instead of going forward or backwards.

    I think we should take time every day to be thankful that our bellies are full, and our loved ones live in houses with roofs on them, and cable internet humming happily through the walls!


  2. Beautiful sentiment, beautifully written.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you there at Glitz Glitter creations.

    Much Love ZViolet. :)