Sunday, December 12, 2010

Released Unarmed & Undangerous

BeadFrenZ was born Nov. 29th 2009 out of necessity as an outlet for destashing gems and  pearls that were overages from my daughter's ETSY shop, Glitz Glitter Creations.

16mm Glass Art Deco Fans
At first, the shop only carried items and in specific lots with little additional back stock.  One convo after another, requesting more of an item or a new item, led to a few new pieces being added.

Then, it became fun.  The search was on for newer and more exciting things.  As Glitz would find something that caught her eye, so would I and the delight in photographing the items was addictive.

There is nothing new about a supply shop, there are others and they abound on ETSY, but we wanted to be different.

Venus Rutile Pendant
All too soon, the small shoebox that contained my stock grew.  More shoeboxes were called into assistance until that became a bit cumbersome.  Finally, large racks were needed for the 1500 items I carry and the squeeze was on as to where to store them.

Needless to say, the house is overrun with racks now, each carrying one delicious item or another and new items are added daily as the search for something "special" never ends.

This blog was created, a twitter account and wonderful new friends from across the world were discovered.

BeadFrenZ beads have been shipped to all corners of the earth, to countries, I have never even heard of and to places I have only dreamed of visiting.  They are all carefully entrenched in some of the most amazing pieces of jewelry and I have been privileged to have seen a few pictures.

I made a big decision on December 9th of this year, one that took me a long time to contemplate.  So with fingers crossed, and a prayer from G-d, I have been released from my bread & butter job, (a wonderful place to work btw)  Nationwide Ins. Co. of Ame.  1-800-458-3220 and am dedicating all of my efforts into a new era of working from home full time.
Wish me luck,

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