Saturday, December 25, 2010

How I Spent Xmas Morning

Christmas morning is pretty much like any other morning in my house, being as the holiday is really not my own, yet there is something quite wonderful to this holiday that doesn't always need a religious commitment.

It is a time for sharing and caring about the people who have enriched your life throughout the past year.  It is a marking of the end of another year and the wonderment's of the coming year, a time to reflect on your past accomplishments and your future commitments,

Nothing is more heart tugging than the delightful Christmas movies that have enriched our lives from childhood.  I watch them all, religiously, one by one, each Christmas season, marking them off on my list, Miracle on 34th Street, It's A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, and the list goes on.

We have been proud to be a longstanding member of Teamepe on ETSY, making our monthly commitments to donate 5% of our sales to this amazing charity and yet....

It just doesn't seem like it's enough.  Thus was born a new idea... Teamangels.
Adopt A Soldier
Angels is a new ETSY team dedicated solely to the commitment of adopting a soldier.  The concept is not new, thousands upon thousands of ordinary Americans have already adopted a soldier at  Soldier's Angels.  There are presently 1202 lonely American soldiers out there looking for someone,  anyone to adopt them.

Who better than a single soldier out there is say "Merry Christmas" to and we appreciate your dedication and sacrifice.

My hopes are these, that everyone, anyone will help in one or all 3 ways,

1.  Make a commitment to adopt a soldier this year.

2.  Can't adopt, then make a donation, it's easy, just text "soldiers" to  20222 to donate $5.00 to help relieve the financial burden of others with more time to adopt a soldier.

3.  Volunteer a soldier at Request for Adoption .  Let a soldier you know who has little or no family support stateside realize that we care for them.

There is also a special branch of Soldier's Angels for our female military forces where you can donate, adopt or request help too.  It's called Ladies of Liberty.

And how about their beloved pets?  Many of these men and women had little before they joined the military except for a pet, who now suddenly found itself homeless, Guardian Angels for Pets is another offshoot.

I packaged many parcels last year and I am grateful to each and everyone who found value in the items at BeadFrenZ.  Sometimes, I made packages for our soldiers overseas.  I sent a little note along with each of these special posts, telling them how much I cared and admired their courage and how pretty I hoped their gifts would be from my meager offerings.  I have packaged Christmas gifts from soldiers in Afghanistan to  their sweethearts in the states, kissing the box before I carefully placed it in the mail, hoping that soldier would have the opportunity to see their loved one adorned with the jewelry from Glitz Glitter's shop.  Now it's time to do my part....

Our government can only do so much.  There is so much more that needs doing and this is what I have committed myself to  for the coming year.

Won't you join me?

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