Sunday, November 14, 2010

Selling SMILES For A Dollar!

The economy is down, sellers are stocked and buyers are cautious. "How do I spend my hard earned cash for holiday gifts?" they think, "when the budget just stretches for essentials?"

I have searched and searched for answers and finally found a few things that, although they only cost a dollar or less, will certainly bring smiles to those you love.

Make a dress from candy wrappers !  Fun idea for a dollar at earlypinkelevator
This organic and healthy portion of raw sugar is up for barter on ETSY at Earthilicious
A penny for a dollar earrings by 2Roses, interesting idea...
This lovely pendant and others like it are up for FREE at FionaSeaGlass

The bargains are definitely out there, but you need to shop early and you need to shop fast.  As always, THINK Handmade 1st! and THINK ETSY.


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