Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Sales & ETSY

 Are you whipped up?  Are you ready?  Will you be the one person to get that 36 inch TV for 50 bucks?  Do you wait in lines?  Or... are you the one working today?

Black Friday is finally here. Actually, it has been here for the last 2 weeks.  Unlike other years, stores and shops all over this country have been preparing for this day weeks in advance and internet shopping has geared up just as quickly.

There are internet sites that lead the lazy shopper to an abundance of great deals, all by just sitting at your computer with your credit cards in hand.  Take Black Friday Ads, a site dedicated to those retail shops that want to catch the audience both in their shops and online.

Have other plans?  Then don't miss the Black Friday iphone app. This application can be downloaded to your iphone and steer you while doing other things that would have kept you from the great deals out there. 

Don't have an iphone?, Android has an app for you as well, Their Black Friday App can keep you up to date on the best deals available this holiday season.

We all have access to the internet in one form or another, or at least those with a few dollars to spend this holiday season do. 

While on the go today, don't forget your laptop.  It is useful too.  Shopping for gifts isn't always about something from a store, boxed in a colorful, ad laden container, shrink wrapped  and finally gift wrapped.

It's about recognizing the love you have for someone special to you.  Not so very  long ago, holiday gift giving was more personal. and the gifts we gave came from our own hands.

If you don't know how to make something  for your loved ones, try ETSY.  Etsy is an online shopping mall dedicated to the art of handmade goods.  It's cornucopia of delights can warm the hearts of  just about anyone and it's convenient,  No lines, No crowds, just pleasant shopping from your own home.

Try handmade this year!

Happy Holidays everyone and happy shopping! 

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