Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank You

I just want to let each and everyone of you know how much your comments and good wishes have meant to us.  

When I wrote the blog, it was almost 03:am and I had just laid him to rest.  I was all alone and feeling pretty empty inside.  Twitter was almost completely stopped and facebook was at a crawl.   I was too revved up to sleep and lacking anyone to speak to, I wrote the blog.  I had no idea that anyone was really reading it.  

I am a late comer to blogging, a late comer to most of this amazing technology we have so readily available at our fingertips, but I am now a firm believer that we are not alone on this planet and there are plenty of folks out there willing to hold out a hand.  You just have to ask.

I asked, 
I was answered.

Big group hug to all of you.


  1. Oh, how I felt your pain....When i lost my sweet Jeremy 25 yrs ago, I swore I would NEVER willingly go through that pain again....Alas, NEVER, say NEVER....because 3 yrs ago my son bought a dog and I was often the babysitter(he has to travel a lot in his job) 2 yrs ago I babysat for 4 months...I .told my son he had a choice...he could have a dog or a mother...NOT both. I know it was a tough choice for him. BUT, I am now totally head over heels with a very spoiled dog.


    PS. YOU are never alone

  2. I know the day is approaching when I will be reaching out for the same comfort. Our pitbull, Doom is 14 1/2 yrs old and showing the signs of his age more every day. We picked him out when he was 4 weeks old, and brought him home at 7 weeks. I've owned many dogs, but Doom...oh how he has touched my heart! By far the best dog I have ever owned and one that has changed many people's ideas about the breed. I hope you are comforted by the fact that you gave Bubba a good life, and he passed in a warm home with the people who loved him, and who he loved in return.