Sunday, January 17, 2010

eBay or ETSY?

Glitz Glitter Creations got it's start on eBay in April of 2009.  The store opened with 75 items made mostly from Swarovski Crystals and various stones that were fairly inexpensive..  Most of the sales came from buyers who actually visited the store, as bidding didn't seem to make for many sales.

We tried everything that was available from .99 earrings to $75.00 featured (7 days at the top of the page) items.  The most looks we found came from the featured option.  In October 2009, eBay took that option away from us as we were not "power sellers".  They felt that featuring an item was the right of sellers that they deemed had made more than 3000 dollars in sales and had a high customer approval rate.  

Sometime in the middle of the year, June 2009, we decided to try out ETSY.  As a buyer, we had stumbled upon the Big "E" in our search for various supplies.  Our beginning, was very slow.  We sold one item and it took our buyer almost 2 months to leave feedback.  Once we got our first feedback, ... Well the rest is history.

As sales began to increase at ETSY, the steady sales we made on eBay continued.   What was different now was the atmosphere between the sites.   We found a different clientele on ETSY.  We also discovered a community of amazing and talented folks.

An ETSY shop is the key that opens the door to interesting and interested people.  Our experience has been nothing short of amazing.

We credit ETSY, not only for a warm welcome but for advice, people willing to help, to go out of their way to see someone become successful.  Glitz's talents were fueled by the helping hands that allowed her to expand her knowledge of jewelry crafting.  We took some chances, increasing our inventory from earrings to bracelets and necklaces (thanks to one particular Etsian's instructions in that category).  We experimented with new media, copper brass and gold.  We acquired better stones to feature in her creations.

Then we began to notice something pretty radical, as we honed our product and increased it's quality, eBay was non responsive.  The buyers there were not as interested in quality or better product, they just wanted the status quo.  As our sales on ETSY increased with the finer items we featured, those same items sat lonely in our eBay shop.

A decision had to be made.  Did we want to continue making and selling items to a store and atmosphere that demanded little of us and saw no additional value in higher quality goods  or take our chances that the demands of fellow Etsians to improve our inventory  would bring to us?

With the end of 2009 Glitz Glitter Creations closed the eBay store.  

We shed our tears, locked the door and walked away.  

Hello 2010!
Yippee ETSY Inc.
Thank you fellow Etsians, JET team members, and the spectacular customers who peruse your hallowed shops demanding only the best.

We accept the challenge....

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  1. Congratulations on your success, your items are always the loveliest around. That's what we all expect from you. ;o)

    Years ago in our B&M biz we had to make the decision to do only the highest quality work, and put out products that took more time and money, but were truly top of the market. We made the choice to travel the highest quality and highest standards road, and the cheaper work we'd taken in the beginning to build our business fell away as our prices raised to reflect our uncompromising quality ethic. It's a decision we never regretted. You can get cheap anywhere, but high quality is what we all want to be known for in the end.

    Wishing you continued success that I KNOW will happen as you both pursue your Glitzy Bliss.