Friday, October 8, 2010

What Makes Me Happy!

Selling beads is one thing, like the old adage says, " If you can't beat'em, join'em".  Jewelry is not what I do.  Love it, love wearing it, love seeing it and love being a part of it, but have 0 ZERO talent to make it myself.

I just sell the beads and let other make the magic happen......

When I am very lucky, others... (it's usually a secret who they are) send me pictures to oogle at and sigh over their amazing creativity.  I hope my wonderful buyers will not be offended if I share a few photos with you as well (as I am so proud of their creativity and thought).

With her metalsmithing knowledge, these lovely earrings are wonderful all by themselves but the beads from BeadFrenZ did me proud, as they were allowed to dangle from this artistic delight.  They are presently for sale at  Down To Earth Pottery on ETSY.

My mother (and me) would have swooned over these stunning earrings by jemsbyjbandcompany  They are classic and classy,  so a wish come true for me.

My heart swelled when I saw this lovely necklace:  The gold chain just sets off the bead to perfection.  Sweet Maggie Jane has it for sale in her etsy shop SweetMaggieJane.

From time to time, I hope to share more photos with you, but for now, give these wonderful jewelry makers a shout out that you saw them here.  And if you will, let me showcase more of your delightful items as I turn 
 at all of your talents. 

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