Saturday, July 3, 2010

It Ain't How It Used To Be....

Last week, Fox News reported that there is a new movie in the works based on the comic strip character Wonder Woman.  Who can forget those golden cuffs that deflected bullets, the lovely costume she wore or the theme of her heroism, "truth, justice and the American way".

Many a little girl and even some grown up ones, have dreams of emulating the golden girl, yet the new liberalism in Hollywood has chosen to update her costume after 60 years.  Gone will be the stars and stripes of the American flag and instead, we will see a subdued version of our super hero, now in black tights and a red top.

She has had her influence on the American culture and her free spirit has spread to the 4 corners of the country.  Just search Wonder Woman on ETSY and you will find her there as well.

Super Hero Apron by StacySewson ETSY

Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso Headband

by PrettyGoodThing on ETSY

Hipster Style Wonder Woman Panties by knickerocker on ETSY

I, for one, will miss her unique costume and the way she made me proud to be an American, but then it's a new time...
What do you think?

Happy 4th of July all!


  1. I read that and was really disappointed. I had Wonder Woman pj's growing up and always loved her costume. I think it was great to show off the stars and stripes with such a brave and strong woman...I will definitely miss her old costume.

  2. I'll miss the old costume! When I was little, I loved to pretend I was Wonder Woman! Now, I just pretend I'm Super MOM:)

  3. how can they say it's even wonder woman? wrong, just wrong

  4. I agree - the new Hollywood Wonderwoman would benefit from the stars and stripes get-up. I did own a undershirt and underpants set as a little kid though, so I guess I am partial to that memory! Thank you for including my headband. :)