Saturday, February 13, 2010

Small Blessings - Circle of Friends

Amazing blessings happen everyday.

Both Glitz and I are forever amazed at the wonderful friends we are continuously making as members of ETSY.  We find, are found and discover precious folks all over the net.  At times during the day,  we just take a minute and discuss, in total amazement, the special blessings we receive from awesome folks who touch our lives in the most unexpected ways.

I wanted to share a few of those moments with all o' you'll (That's Texanize for YOU)

A potential customer, new to ETSY, was clicking away at all the lovely things she saw in Glitz's shop, not realizing that she was actually creating an invoice.  LOL, so when she was done, she suddenly found she owed quite a bill to us.  She convo'ed her mistake and we quickly reversed the purchase.  The next day, she was back with another order and this message.

GlitzGlitter  - Your jewelry is amazing! I had a difficult time narrowing things down and am very happy I found your etsy sites! The "bubbly" pieces that I purchased have special meaning to me. My sister-in-law always has a saying for when we are troubled, "just put it in a bubble and blow it away"! That has followed through my family, and we have been known to send 6 packs of bubbles through the mail at various times. 

Well, my sister was just diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and a skinny-minnie-multi-pack of lime-green ribbon tied bubbles arrived for her, from my daughter, just in time to overlap with my visit 'home' for her chemo, head shaving, and birthday celebration. Right before we left, the three sisters together blew bubbles with each other, in fresh fallen snow, to blow our cares away! It was a very memorable and tender moment! The bubble jewelry that you have made will find homes with these sisters. Thanks for sharing our circle! 

(Name Removed)

Did we cry?  You bet your sweet *ss, we did!

As a Valentine's Day  gift to new, undiscovered, or renewed shops on ETSY, we (a few fellow ETSYians, Glitz and myself) decided to make our next Treasuries totally out of these folks.  We all called our Treasuries,  "Love To A Stranger" Here's mine;

As is customery, I sent out a little note letting everyone know this was the treasury they were featured in and to have a Happy Valentine's day, 
when I got this note back,

BeadFrenZ - Thank you for noticing my work, even more for the wish of luck. I noticed that you give 5 percent to the cancer society. I have a low grade blood cancer myself, and was wondering, if you don't mind, how has cancer touched your life?
All the Best,

(Name Removed)

Did we cry?  You bet your sweet *ss, we did!

Any wonder why we support ETSY Project Embrace? 

To make your own donation online, visit our personal fundraising page.


  1. What wonderful stories...thanks so much for sharing and for spreading the word about EPE!!

  2. Wow! Molly and Celia! Y'all made me cry as well.. What wonderful stories..and you make great jewelry, as well, I might's terrific you are getting the word out about EPE!

  3. Oh this is lovely, Molly and Celia. Isn't it wonderful how strangers can become friends online?
    Beautiful treasury too!
    xoxo Mollie

  4. Awesome stories - thanks for sharing......
    (from one of the bald ones :D ) laura xxoo

  5. Wonderful! Another reminder that we are indeed all connected. xo

  6. Love the bubble sentiment. What amazing things we learn from other wise people! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, heartwarming story Molly - it's good to know that we are all connected, and how just a little contact can really touch and make a difference to other peoples lives:)